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Miscellaneous IP Nuggets #9

  • The USPTO confirmed  that David Kappos will step down as the director for Patents in January, 2013.  This is very unfortunate since Kappos has been doing an outstanding job as commissioner. Kappos’ accomplishments include reduction of pendency,  an increase in quality  and professionalism.  Kappos is also to be remembered for his strong support for software patents.
  • By now most everyone is aware of the news that Hostess — the company that makes ‘Twinkies’ and other such foods — will be liquidated in bankruptcy. However, it appears that the intellectual property for the brand names and ingredient lists will be an important part of any liquidation. Might another company purchase the ‘Twinkie” trademark and trade secrets at auction? Stay tuned.
  • Chief Judge Randall R. Rader of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and his predecessor, Paul R. Michel, have recently made statements supporting the current patent system as enabling innovation and keeping the United States competitive.  Although the current system does have problems, the criticism by the popular press is almost always based on misconceptions and/or illogical conclusions.