Semiconductor Devices

Package Structure and Package Process

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US Published Patent Application No. 2011/0121442


A package process includes following steps. A circuit mother board comprising a plurality of circuit boards is disposed on a carrier. Semiconductor devices are provided, wherein each of the semiconductor devices has a top surface and a bottom surface opposite thereto. Each of the semiconductor devices has conductive vias each having a first end surface and a second end surface exposed by the bottom surface of the semiconductor device. The semiconductor devices are connected to the corresponding circuit boards through their conductive vias with their bottom surface facing the circuit mother board. An insulating paste is formed between each of the semiconductor devices and its corresponding circuit board. A protection layer is formed on the circuit mother board to cover the semiconductor devices. Then, the protection layer and the semiconductor devices are thinned to expose the first end surface of each of the conductive vias

Inventor(s): Shen; Chi-Chih; (Kaohsiung City, TW); Chen; Jen-Chuan; (Taoyuan County, TW); Pan; Tommy; (Taipei City, TW); Chang; Hui-Shan; (Taoyuan County, TW); Hung; Chia-Lin; (Taoyuan County, TW)