Business Methods

Health Care Cost Management Marketplace

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Patent  No. 8,489,421


A health care cost management marketplace brings together health care payers and health care cost management vendors. The health care cost management vendors bid on lots of single-claims or multiple claims. Health care cost reduction contracts are awarded to vendors whose bids project the greatest net health care cost reduction savings. Auctions are timed and vendors may change their bids while time remains. Bids include a vendor fee percentage, and, for single claim lots, may further include an estimated cost savings amount. For the single-claim lots, vendors which fail to achieve actual cost reduction savings above a predetermined threshold compared to estimated savings can be penalized.

Inventor(s): Davis; Matthew (Mesa, AZ)

Assignee: Green Light Cost Management, Scottsdale AZ

Methods and Systems for Assessing and Monitoring Student Progress in an Online Secondary Education Environment

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US Published Patent Application No. 2010/0261150


A set of rules are applied to information relating to student activity in online courses, to form a set of progress indicators. Each morning, dashboards are generated for instructors showing the set of progress indicators, so that the instructors have the latest pertinent information to ensure students are progressing properly. By proactively focusing on the progress indicators, instructors are able to ensure student success.

Inventor(s): Matwick; Michael; (Tempe, AZ)



System and Method for Evaluating and Comparing Medical Treatments

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US Published Patent Application No. 2012/0185266


An evaluative software tool to support the assessment of health care-related technologies during development to facilitate making critical decisions for an optimized research, development and commercialization plan is provided. The software tool includes the ability to measure, weight, and integrate the critical factors that come into play in the development of a risk/benefit profile of a technology relative to its competitors, benchmarked around clinical trial measures, in order to determine its development and commercialization success.

Inventor(s): Trifunov; Patricia; (Wynnewood, PA)