Mechanical and Electrical Devices

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Device

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US Patent No. 9,358,178


A cardiopulmonary resuscitation device includes a case having an extension portion extending therefrom. In operation, the user places the case across the chest of a person being given CPR, and presses the case into the person’s chest, applying uniform force in according to a rhythm guided by audible and/or visual feedback. The cardiopulmonary resuscitation device includes a control circuit having a display screen, and a distance sensor apparatus operatively coupled to the control circuit. The distance sensor apparatus is carried by the extension portion which can be situated over the edge of the person, and provides a sensor signal to the control circuit in response to movement of the case. The display screen displays a distance and rate that the case has been moved during CPR, and both an audible sound and visual light are emitted each time the device is applied properly to the person receiving CPR. The device is automatically activated once a certain amount force is applied to the case.

Inventor(s): Morgan; Brent F. (Glendale, AZ)


Bubble Generation Novelty Item

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US Patent No. 9,293,972


A novelty device for generating bubbles is disclosed. Disclosed is a bubble generation drinking cup that includes a vacuum cavity within a cup sidewall, where the vacuum cavity is partially filled with one or more fluid. The fluid generates bubbles continuously in response to a temperature differential within the vacuum cavity, brought on by a cold or hot liquid being present in the cup. A vial bubble generation ornament is disclosed that includes a tubular vial enclosing a vacuum cavity and a bubble generation capsule. The vacuum cavity is partially filled with a fluid. The bubble generation capsule generates bubbles in response to receiving sunlight. A bubble generation panel is disclosed that includes a vacuum cavity enclosed between two glass panes. The vacuum cavity includes a fluid which generates bubbles in response to receiving heat. The bubbles and fluid in the vacuum cavity create a visually appealing novelty device.

Inventor(s): Richert; Jonas (Mesa, AZ)


Aquarium Filtration System

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US Patent No. 9,497,942


An aquarium filtration system comprises an aquarium; a hollow ornament filtration device disposed adjacent to an inner bottom surface of the aquarium; and an aquarium support, capable of supporting the aquarium atop. The hollow ornament filtration device includes a main portion including a filter therein and a base including a magnetic impeller. In operation, the impeller draws a portion of water through a top opening of the main portion of the hollow ornament filtration device, through the filter, and out of at least one lateral opening of the base. The impeller is magnetically driven by magnets spun by an electric motor disposed in the aquarium support. In an embodiment, the filter is a replaceable filter cartridge including filtration media to provide mechanical and chemical filtration. Advantageously, all of the elements of the filtration system are hidden providing a more aesthetically pleasing experience.

Inventor(s): Herman; Valerie (Mesa, AZ)


System for Securing a Truck Bed Cover

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US Patent No. 8,128,149


A system for securing a truck bed cover includes a pair of vertical side rails clamped to the bed railing of a pickup truck. A first one of a pair of horizontal side rails is attached along the front side of the truck bed and the second one of the pair of horizontal side rails is attachable via a latching mechanism along the rear. The cover is attached along respective front and rear edges to each of the horizontal side rails, and is attachable along respective side edges to the vertical side rails, preferably, using a hook-and-loop fastener. Tensioning devices are employed to keep the cover taut and even on both sides.

Inventor(s): Wolf; Mark A. (Surprise, AZ), Wolf; Robert A. (Scottsdale, AZ)



Wraparound gun grip

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US Patent No. 8,181,378


A wraparound gun grip comprises a substantially flat continuous flexible sheet, the substantially flat continuous flexible sheet having a first side and a second side, the first side for adhering to a grip of a gun and the second side for providing improved gripping to a user of the gun, the substantially flat continuous flexible sheet cut to fit the gun’s model. The wraparound gun grip is capable of being placed onto the gun by wrapping the wraparound gun grip around the factory grip of the gun. The wraparound gun grip includes one or more finger strips which can either be cut to size or tucked in. The second side can achieve increased friction by including abrading particles thereon (e.g., using sandpaper or grip tape). Alternatively, the grip side can be made from an elastomer, such as a synthetic rubber, or other material with the property of viscoelasticity.

Inventor(s): Losinger, Derik (Page, AZ)

Assignee: TALON GRIPS, INC (Page, AZ)


Training strap for improving a golfer’s golf stroke

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US Patent No. 8,167,742


A training strap for improving a golfer’s golf stroke is provided. The training strap includes a shoulder strap that attaches around the lead shoulder of the golfer with the opposite end attaching around the golfer’s thumb on the same lead side of the body. Preferably, the training strap includes a strap length adjuster allowing the training strap to be fitted to the proper length. The golfer practices the stroke with the criterion being to keep the training strap taut. If the training strap stays taut, the user will develop a very fundamentally sound, repeatable stroke. When this is done the golfer is successfully utilizing the radius from the lead shoulder to hands to bottom out at the correct spot, thereby creating a good chipping, pitching or putting stroke.

Inventor(s): McNee, Brucek (Peoria, AZ)


Modular Evaporator and Thermal Energy Storage System for Chillers

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US Patent No. 8,136.368


A modular evaporator which can be assembled from a number of standard modules is provided. Depending on the requirements, the modular evaporator can be assembled to meet a wide range of design cooling loads. Additionally, the modular evaporator is capable of generating and holding ice for thermal storage purposes, eliminating the need for external ice storage tanks. Furthermore, the heat transfer and thermal storage fluid for the evaporator can simply be water which considerably simplifies the system, lowers the cost, and increases the efficiency of the heat transfer loop.

Inventor(s): Reich; Daniel; (Tucson, AZ); Burdett; Michael Paul; (Tucson, AZ); Reich; Vladimir D.; (Tucson, AZ)



Sponge cleaning utensil with inner core for solid soap

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US Patent No. 8,061,919


A sponge cleaning utensil has an inner core for holding a cleaning agent and encouraging the cleaning agent to be continually in contact with water drawn into the inner core preferably via a plurality of conduits which are preferably molded into the sponge material. The inner core is fabricated so as to be substantially larger than the solid cleaning agent therein allowing the cleaning agent free movement within the core. This allows water to freely surround the cleaning agent creating rich lather production and the lather to be easily removed to the surface. The conduits preferably have openings at a plurality of positions on the sponge exterior surface so as to provide even moisture and lather to all portions of the sponge exterior including the edges. Each of the conduits forms a pathway from a starting point on the exterior surface to a terminal point at the inner core. Each of these starting points can be located at any arbitrary point on the exterior surface area and be however shaped (e.g., curved, linear).

Inventor(s): Alarcon Grajeda; Jesus Salvador; (Eugene, OR)


Tactical Knife Capable of Trapping and Cutting an Opponent’s Limb

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US Published Patent Application No. 2011/0010949


An improved tactical knife comprises a first portion, including a pair of substantially identical projections, each one of the pair of substantially identical projections including a left sharpened curved side and a right sharpened curved side, the left sharpened curved side and the right sharpened curved side of each projection meeting to form a respective piercing point. Preferably, the first portion is structured and arranged such that an area between the projections forms a trap sufficient to hold and immobilize a human limb. The improved tactical knife further comprises a second portion, including a handle for holding the knife and a third portion, including a guard for preventing slippage, the third portion situate between the first portion and the second portion. Preferably, the area between the projections includes a separate, inwardly curved edge for cutting the human limb trapped therein.

Inventor(s): Garrison; Craig; (Placerville, CA)


Device for Securing Household Systems from Young Children

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US Published Patent Application No. 2011/0024155


A device for securing electrical outlets, switches, telephone jacks, computer network outlets, etc., from the reach of a young child is provided. The device can be easily installed over any standard outlet or switch. The device is made as a single piece and comprises a first portion adapted to substantially cover the outlet or switch but leaving access to it, a second portion adapted to cover the first portion such that the outlet or switch is no longer accessible when the second portion is in a closed position, and a third portion, between the first portion and the second portion, forming a living hinge allowing the device to bend along a line of the hinge. The device further includes a child-resistant lock. Preferably, the device has a sleek design and protrudes no more than necessary (e.g., in the case of an electrical outlet, no more than one-half inch) from the wall when installed. Thus, the device will not only secure the outlet but also camouflage it from an inquisitive child looking for objects in the room to play with.

Inventor(s): Brantley; Kevin; (Gilbert, AZ)