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Jam Wars

As reported in Ad Week, J.M. Smucker, the company that makes Smucker’s preserves, has filed a complaint (see below) in federal court seeking a declaratory judgement that it is not infringing on upscale French preserves maker Andros (maker of the Bonn Maman brand of preserves). The issue relates to usage of the distinctive Ginham design on Smucker’s lids. Under a 27-year old agreement, Bonn Mama agreed to allow Smuckers free usage of the Ginham design so long as it did not compete directly. Because Monn Mamam sold its preserves to upscale markets while Smuckers did not, the companies had been coexisting peacefully. However, all that changed when Smuckers launched its new premium Orchard Finest line of preserves.  Andros sent Smuckers a cease and desist letter, commencing the  “Jam War” as it is being called in the industry.

Smuckers v. S.A. Andros