Standard Fees

Patent Novelty Search

Includes search of US patents and published patent applications from the USPTO database; WIPO PCT Applications; European Patent Office patents and published applications; Japanese Patent Abstracts; German Patent Abstracts; and a "Google" search for English-language publications, copies of relevant patents found.

Mechanical, Software, Electrical$1,000
Business Methods$1,200

Patent Applications

High quality drafting including analysis of inventive concept, drafting of specification and claimset, and filing the case with the USPTO. Drawings for patent applications cost about $75 per page and will be estimated in the price quote. .

Non-complex subject matter (simple mechanical or electromechanical, software) $4,500 + USPTO fees + drawings ($100/sheet)
More complex subject matter$5,000 to $8,000 and up + USPTO fees + drawings ($100/sheet)
Design Patent$1,500 + USPTO fees + drawing fee ($100 per page)
Provisional Patent Application -- Please call to discuss your particular situation.

Office Actions

Includes analysis of issues presented in USPTO communication, written response to the Examiner, and amendments to specification, drawings, and claims (where warranted).

Response to Election / Restriction$300
Amendment / Request for Reconsideration$1,200 and up
Response to Quayle Action$250
Examiner Interview (Phone)$300
Appeal to Patent Board of Appeals$2,500 + USPTO fees
Service Fee (payment of maintenance fee)$300 + USPTO maintenance fee

All other legal work is on a $225 per hour basis.

$200 service fee for each maintenance fee payment.

Note: Most USPTO fees are set forth here.

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